Our Prized Otoro Is
Served In The Finest
Restaurants Worldwide

Producing Premium Flavor Bluefin Tuna Sushi.

The Most Natural Tasting, Savory, Bluefin Available.

The Bluefiná brand is where quality is more than just an expression, it is a value we live by. Every detail matters when producing the finest bluefin tuna otoro, chutoro and akami. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards of quality and care. Our focus on quality and sustainability has been the basis for developing programs around food safety, environmental management, fish welfare and perfecting our fish quality.

We harvest 100% natural sustainable fish from the clean, pristine Pacific Ocean and feed it to our Bluefin, which produces the most savory taste available worldwide. Everything we do is done with an attention to sustainability, detail, and the pursuit of perfection. Our passion is not to sell the most bluefin, but to produce the world’s finest bluefin. Experience Bluefiná – The Iconic Delicacy.

Exceptionally Fatty Tuna.

Bold, Savory, Buttery, Sweet.

Bluefin Sashimi That’s A Cut Above The Rest.

Serve A Higher Standard.

“Bluefiná through sustainable extended ranching periods, produces exceptional quality, resulting in deep red Akami combined with premium yields of Otoro and Chutoro portions all year round. Our premium product is due to our management in pristine oceanic waters with 100% natural fresh feed sources.

As the closest ranching operation to the USA, our product is the freshest premium tuna source, available to you in less than 24hrs from farm to table, and to almost all USA locations. Bluefiná represents the pinnacle in bluefin consistency, flavor, yields and presentation, to the worlds greatest chefs.”

Sushi Chefs The World Over Prefer Bluefiná.