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Over 20 Years Of Tradition, Innovation, & Quality.

In 1999 Bluefiná (Baja Aqua Farms) began its operations in Mexico, and has evolved to become the leader in Bluefin tuna ranching worldwide. Located in the pristine oceanic waters off the coast of Baja California, the company has more than 1,210.6 hectares of farming locations distributed around the coast, which allows for farming of Pacific Bluefin Tuna all year round. Bluefiná now produces up to 3500 tons of the finest, freshest Bluefin tuna for markets around the globe including Asia and the United States.

Bluefiná employs over 550 highly skilled employees across the globe that are dedicated to the quest of providing the highest quality, sustainably-raised bluefin. Bluefiná also prides itself in producing what many regard as the most flavorful, buttery sweet tuna in the world. Bluefiná bluefin absolutely melts in your mouth, and it is not by accident, because every detail is observed to care for this majestic fish, from the fresh bait we feed it, to the ph balance of the waters it swims in. This careful treatment is a unique trademark of the Bluefiná brand.

The Leading Global Purveyor Of Fresh, Bait-Fed, Sustainable Bluefin.

The Bluefiná Brand

Brand Awareness Advertising Campaigns.

In 2020, Baja Aqua Farms created their signature trademark brand Bluefiná, to highlight how sophisticated they have become in their operations, logistics, and sustainable farming practices, and the exceptional quality of the fish that is now produced.

Bluefin that’s this good, deserves proper exhibiting. We believe Bluefiná is a delicacy of a higher standard. This brand highlights the meticulous standards we uphold and it focuses on the experience bluefin lovers enjoy when tasting our fish with friends and family.


Our Quest


Bluefiná is a trademark of Baja Aqua Farms and began its operation over 20 years ago and is now under the new ownership of some of its original executives. There is a renewed sense of purpose in the company as it moves towards improved sustainability practices and the quest for to be the preferred brand of choice amongst the world’s most respected chefs and restaurateurs.

With offices and subsidiaries in Japan, the United States and Mexico, Bluefiná tuna is in greater demand than can be produced. Therefore, Bluefiná’s is very selective with its customers and is working hard to provide a dependable, year-round supply to each and every one. We believe that “superb” starts at the source, so build your legacy on us, Bluefiná, the exceptional choice.

Our Values & Philosophy



We built this company to be more than a farm producing bluefin. We built this company to produce exceptional bluefin that would get recognized the world over for it’s quality. Most importantly, we built this company on strong values and ethics. We believe that the way we treat our employees, partners and customers are a reflection of our characters, which in turn reflects our company’s reputation.

It is important to us that we set the standard of good business practices within our industry. Our philosophy is to only benefit if others benefit; to give value for value; to help others in need; to set positive examples for our employees and business partners; and to always look towards the greater good in everything, even if it causes us to do without in the short term. Our success depends on our actions towards others and we are proud to live by these values.


  • At Bluefiná we are dedicated to serving you with distinction
  • To be a custodian of our waters and natural environments
  • To give back to science for the preservation of this majestic species
  • To employ responsible fisheries management for future generations
  • To treat bluefin tuna as a delicacy and not a commodity
  • To take ownership for our actions and always be accountable
  • To show respect for our tuna by feeding them their natural diet and producing the world’s finest bluefin
  • To set an example for other fisheries organizations for ethical business practices

Our Aquaculture


Just off the coast of the Coronado islands, near the US border, lies our sophisticated aquaculture operation that has grown to over 60 large pens. Each pen is deeper and wider than most in the world and is carefully monitored with cameras, advanced technologies for counting, and underwater rovs to check the health of each fish. Live fish and bait swim in and out of our pens and that consist of carefully sorted bluefin depending on age and size.

We’re proud to have highly skilled engineers, scientists, divers, and aquaculture specialists on board over 25 vessels. Over the past 20 years we have honed in our operation to precise practices, enabling optimum gains and very little inefficiencies. Our goal is to bring to market over twice the weight in bluefin, than we harvest from the ocean. This another component of sustainability that we are proud of.