Pacific Bluefin Tuna Is Becoming A “Fishery Success Story”

Fishery and tuna scientists worldwide—along with environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) and the commercial fishing industry recognized in 2004-2005 that Bluefin tuna were overfished, and that something needed to be done. There was a concerted effort by fisheries scientists, NGOs, and the commercial fishing industry to protect and control this majestic and most valuable of the tuna species. 70% reductions in capture quotas, 100% traceability and observer coverage, stringent procedures for capture, verification of tonnage, and more, were implemented over the following years.

Fast forward 16 years to 2021, these measures have resulted in the miraculous recovery of the wild stocks of Bluefin tuna worldwide, especially pacific bluefin, to the point where here in the Eastern Pacific off the coast of Mexico and California, wild Bluefin populations and Bluefin tuna fishing is climbing back to near levels it was back in the 1960s and ’70s—quantities and increasing size classes of Bluefin tuna in our waters hasn’t been this promising for 40-50 years!

Bluefiná's Role In The Sustainability Of Bluefin

At Bluefiná we regard bluefin tuna as a delicacy and not a commodity. We believe bluefin are a majestic creature that deserves careful conservation and oversight by international organizations. We are committed to bluefin conservation through strict fisheries management using scientific data, analysis, and efficient technologies. We are advocates for ethical and sustainable aquaculture practices and we are proud to reflect these values throughout our organization. Look for the Bluefiná name — the sustainability brand.