Transparent Supply-Chain Traceability From Ocean To Table.

With global markets being so intertwined, and food moving from country to country, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of where your food comes from. These days it is important to understand where your food comes from, especially Bluefin tuna. If you know the source and can see transparent traceability, you can understand where the best quality bluefin consistently comes from. We believe if you know where your bluefin comes from you will most likely ask for the Bluefiná brand.

We tag each fish and track it from the moment it comes out of the water to the moment it reaches its destination. We know the size, the age, the date it left the water, and the place it is going. We track the shipment, to understand the approximate temperature and the time it is expected to reach its destination so that we understand how fresh it is when it arrives. We pride ourselves on our ability to get the bluefin to you as fast or faster than any other fishery in the world.

From Ocean To LAX In A Few Hours.
Door To Door In Less Than 24.

Supplying Pacific Bluefin Around The World.

From Ocean To On-The-Way…
Faster Than It Takes You To Drive To Work.

We always bring the fish from the water minutes before it is scheduled for delivery. This ensures the ultimate freshness and can arrive at its destination within a few hours depending on your location. Our process is so efficient that you could be eating bluefin that just came out of the ocean less than two hours before. Yes, this is not a typical example, especially if you live on a different continent, but it holds true if you live in Mexico or Southern California.


When you see a signature Bluefiná box, it represents impeccable quality. It means that the bluefin has had careful oversight from the very beginning, and has been meticulously inspected for scratches and bruises before it was put on ice. It also means that the temperature has been monitored and the packing has been approved by a rigorous set of quality control measures.


When we ship a bluefin, we place special attention to the size of the tuna we are shipping. We can ship a large or medium fish based upon your request. In addition, we will be your dedicated supplier all year round with bluefin ranging from 200 pounds to over 300+ pounds. Let us know what you prefer and we will accommodate.


With Bluefiná, you would never know your bluefin took an international journey. Our efficiencies help to keep your order exquisitely fresh. We have spent years perfecting and integrating our systems with airlines around the world so you don’t have to worry about the journey. We book cargo and submit documentation electronically, ensuring speed and accuracy. We use sophisticated technologies to track and monitor the bluefin in transit so we know where it is every step of the way.

we track and monitor the temperature “cold-chain”
to ensure The Maximum Freshness.