Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Bluefiná’s Feeding Practices?

Bluefiná only uses the highest quality fresh fish as feed, mirroring the natural feeding habits of tunas. The use of high quality fresh fish as feed makes for a unique sweet taste.

Are Bluefiná’s Bluefin Raised In An Ocean Habitat?
Yes Bluefiná’s Bluefin are kept in unique outer ocean habitats where the California current keeps the water clear and cold leading to firm texture and pure red color of the tuna. This similar to their natural environment where they are safe and happy.
Can We Depend On Bluefiná For A Year-Round Stable Supply?

Bluefiná is able to guarantee supply of tuna of the highest quality and consistency throughout the year. In addition, chefs around the world appreciate the optimal size and highest yield into sellable product. Being only 100 miles from LAX enables Bluefiná to deliver its superb tuna all over the world on short notice.

How Strict Is Our Quality Criteria?
Only the best tuna out of every harvest make the Bluefiná grade. We keep strict guidelines for size, shape, marbling, firmness, color retention and taste. Consumers all over the world love the natural sweet taste and delicate marbling of Bluefiná.
Is Bluefiná’s Bluefin Traceable From Ocean To Table?

Yes Bluefiná traces every single fish from ocean to table or sea to plate. Bluefiná’s vertical integration makes it possible to trace every fish and we take it seriously. In addition, no fish is bought from a third party.